Male patiente, Crohn’s disease

„I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when I was 14. I received a lot of medication, steroides, immunnosuppressors, antibiotics…After three years I had to face complete failure. My MD’s told me that parts of my gut should be removed as they couldn’t control the inflammation and things were getting worse. I do not remember how I got to know Mr. Schilling, I guess my mother got the contact by one of her friends. He did a whole couple of lab tests on me. Based on these tests he developed a specific and individual diet which I followed strictly. In addition I recieved a wide range of micronutrients per iv drips. The diet wasn’t much fun in the beginning – but it worked. Inflammation markers went down one week after I started with the diet. After three month we send a stool sample to the lab. There was no sign of Crohn’s disease any more. This has remained the same for three years now.
I do not receive any medication at all now. It is like thinking back to the days when I had Crohn’s disease. Seems far away now to me.“