Female patient, breast cancer stage IV „In July 2014 I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. The cancer had already spread to the local lymphnodes and the hip bones. My oncologist recommended to start with Chemo and go on with surgery. As I didn’t want a treatment like that, I began to search for alternatives. I’m glad to got in contact to HP Florian Schilling, he took take of my situation in a wonderful and holistic way. After a number of tests we discussed the therapy options and chose the ones fitting best to me and my disease. I also was happy about the network of specialists working with Mr. Schilling’s clinic.
PET-Scans in March 2015 showed clear decline of the tumor mass in all areas. By September 2015 there was no activity in the PET-Scan any more. My oncologists told me that I am a palliative case and now I am in complete remission. I think this is a wonderful result and I am happy to have made this decision.“