DetoxA wide range of chronic diseases goes along with a significant toxic burden. This comprises not only cancer and autoimmune disease, but also atopic, rheumatic and neurodegenerative processes. Getting rid of this toxic burden is a major part of the treatment in order to reach long-term success and stability. It’s this why we offer a wide range of detox procedures to our patients. It is of great importance do understand that there is no such thing as a perfect detox protocol. Detox therapy depends on the individual case. Which toxins have to be removed from which tissue? Are the key organs like liver, kidneys and gut well functioning and nourished? Which pathology is associated with the intoxication? What’s the condition of the patient? All these questions should be answered before a detox therapy can be started.

  • Chelation: EDTA, DMSA, DMPS, DMSO, Lipoic acid, Glutathion
  • FSM (Frequency specific microcurrency treatment)
  • Oral detox procedures