Chronic inflammatory bowel disease

CIBD like Crohn’s disease or colitis often start early in life and can reduce the quality of life substantially. Conventional approaches rely on immunosuppressive medication to mitigate the inflammation. Facing failure of this strategy, severe cases are treated with surgery, removing heavily affected parts of the gut.

We :

  • Profound food screening to learn about critical foods and build up a proper diet: IgE, IgG4, Alcat, LTT
  • Profound diagnostic procedures to learn about the milieu of the gut: Constitution of the mikrobiome, status and function of the
  • gut immune system, digestive function, inflammation level and types, hidden infections with parasites and fungus.
  • TNF-alpha inhibitors: Herbals and extracts with effects similar to Cortisol
  • Dietetic therapy
  • Modulation of the microbiom
  • Immuneregulation
  • Detox
  • Mikronutrients
  • FSM (Frequency specific microcurrency treatment)
  • Ozone